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Texas heat and sun are great when you're in a lake or river, but not when you're inevitably stuck in traffic on I35 in the 9 months of summer. Tinting your vehicle windows is an absolute must if you live in Texas, and for more reasons than you think:

  1. Heat Reduction. This one is pretty obvious but the statistics are still impressive. Your vehicle can be as much as 60% cooler with tint, reducing strain on your AC system and on you and your family.
  2. UV Reduction. You can choose from a variety of film levels and can block up to 99% of the sun's UV rays reducing damage to your eyes, skin, and vehicle interior.
  3. Safety. Headlights,road glares, hail, and car accidents are all things we do our best to avoid,but when we encounter them "Better safe than sorry" is no joke. Tint not only reduces strain to the eyes by blocking out road glare and overly bright lights but it also adds another element of safety by shatter-proofing the glass.
  4. Privacy. We all forget to grab our wallets or purses from time to time. Tint is a great way to protect our belongings from the public eye and adds an increased level of defense from thieving bandits.
  5. It Looks Cool. 1.  No one can deny that a darker or more reflective tint adds a certain visual appeal to any vehicle! In addition to all the health, safety, and mechanically beneficial reasons to tint, it also looks awesome!

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We are proud to introduce RAYNO WINDOW FILM to our product line.

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